About Us

For a lot of people having chances to work, learn and be creative are things that are taken for granted. But for people with learning difficulties, disabilities or life challenges, pathways to employment are often limited and for many do not exist at all.

That’s why we created Promise in Store.

We believe everyone has the right to work, to develop skills and to be creative.

We work in partnership with a range of organisations across the UK to source beautiful gifts, and we build and nurture these partnerships based on two simple principles:

  • Our partners create educational, training or employment opportunities for people with learning difficulties, disabilities or life challenges – whether it’s to design, produce and/or package products.
  • All of our partners create products that are beautiful and made from high quality materials and ingredients.

We focus on ability and the art of the possible. We’re constantly humbled by the dedication, character and potential of all those we meet and grateful for their collaboration with us.

Our long term vision is to create employment opportunities by opening Promise in Store shops and concessions, where you’ll be able to buy our wonderful products directly from the people we’re here to benefit.

Why the name Promise in Store? 

Names matter. When we think of a person or place by name it comes with so many associations (positive or negative) and we wanted the name of the company to be full of hope and potential.

Promise in Store not only refers to the promise within each of us, or the quality of potential excellence, but promise also means to ‘forward send’ in Latin.  We hope to develop customer service retail skills and send people forward confidently into the retail sector to fulfil their potential wherever possible. Promise is hope.

With our pop-up events, sales and online orders, Promise in Store aims to provide training and development opportunities to those with learning difficulties, disabilities or life challenges to gain valuable customer service, retail and fulfilment skills. 

By shopping with Promise in Store, and telling your friends about us, you’re helping people to thrive.