SEND El Porvenir (Colombia) Espresso Roast Coffee Beans 250gms


SEND Coffee, standing for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, is a non-profit supporting young adults between the ages of 18-25 into employment in the specialty coffee industry (and beyond). The profits of every bag (or cup!) of coffee sold goes towards funding this dedicated barista programme.

This wonderful coffee is our alternative, slightly more edgy espresso option.Taste notes include cherry, lemonade and caramel.

El Porvenir is a finca (farm) in the Antioquia region of Colombia, proudly run by finca manager Gonzalez. It is hand-picked and sorted before enduring a 24-32 hour open tank fermentation. After this, it is carefully sun dried on patios and raised beds. By using 80+ local producers to harvest & process the coffee, Gonzalez can maximise quality and increase incomes for the communities surrounding the estate.

Roast Profile: Light/Medium

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  • Origin: Colombia
  • Region: Antioquia
  • Altitude: 1,100m to 1,300m above sea level
  • Harvest Period: Year-round
  • Processing Method: Washed

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Weight 250 g