The Priceless Spoon

How can you help us to help others?

At Promise in Store we want to find opportunities to train and provide paid employment to talented people with a disability, learning difficulty or life challenge. In order to do this we want to create a ring-fenced pool of money which will be used solely for employment costs of those that we are seeking to help. To help us achieve this we have developed The Priceless Spoon.

The Priceless Spoon is inspired by ‘The Spoon Theory’ by Christine Miserandino, where every spoon counts.

Our little spoons* have become so popular that we decided they were the best product for the job. All of our spoons are hand crafted with care at Camphill Village Trust. They are not mass produced which means each one is precious and valuable to us, and as a result, just like people, every one counts.

Each spoon represents at least one hour of employment at Promise in Store. Starting at £15 you can give as much as you can afford (there’s no maximum limit!) knowing that the money will be ring-fenced and used exclusively for employment costs.

Priceless in every sense.

*approx 13cm in length